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Our LIC's 56th Anniversary Offering Unparalleled Service

It's Grand Celebration Time For The Largest Insurance Company In India, The Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) On Sept 1, 2012 When It Turns A Year Older. Offering Unparalleled Service Since 1956, LIC Has Been Using People's Service For Their Own Welfare And The Life Funds Are Deployed For The Best Advantage Of LIC Policyholders As Well As For The Community.

Sushil Oza-

The latest offering from the LIC on the occasion of its 56th year of service is the new micro insurance product 'Jeevan Deep' that will be launched on Sept 1. This is an endowment assurance with an added feature of guaranteed additions along with provision of Loyalty addition. An immediate annuity product is available for 'on-line buy'.
During 2011-12, 357 lakh policies were sold commanding 80.9% of the market share of new policies issued and its total first year premium income was pegged at more than Rs 81,514.49 crore, including Rs 38,955.06 crore of premium through Pension and Group schemes i.e., 71.36 % of the market share. In Pension and Group schemes, new lives insured were 284.12 lakh under conventional business and 94.44 lakh lives under social security schemes.
In the year 2011-12, 185.7 lakh claims amounting to Rs 66,022.82 crore were settled. 93.19% of total maturity claims were settled on or before the date of maturity. 94.34% of non-early death claims were settled within 15 days of intimation. The outstanding maturity claim ratio is as low as 0.5% and the outstanding death claim ratio is 1.22%. Total payments to policyholders aggregated to Rs 1,12,911.82 crore.
LIC offers life insurance under Group policies to various groups. LIC also offers insurance coverage to people below the poverty line under social security group schemes like 'Janashree Bima Yojana' & 'Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana'.
The scheme 'Shiksha Sahayog Yojana' is a free add-on scholarship benefit that is available for children of the members who are covered under 'Janashree Bima Yojana'. Free add-on scholarship benefit is also available for children of members covered under 'Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana'.
As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, LIC Golden Jubilee Foundation has supported NGOs across the country through 211 projects, since inception, reaching out to many deprived sections of society through infrastructural support.
LIC has won 27 awards in the insurance category, notable ones being the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award, Business Super Brands, CNBC Aawaz-Consumer's Trusted Choice Award, ET Brand Equity Award, Golden Peacock- Innovative Product Award, Outlook Money Award and CNBC TV18 Award.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Life Insurance Co, (LIC) Is The Biggest Investor In The Indian Stock Market

The Country's Largest Insurer LIC Has Purchased Shares Worth Over $ 2 Billion (About Rs 11,000 Crore) In Indian Companies - Mostly In Sectors Like Utilities, Energy & Software - During The April-June Period, According To A Report By BofA-Merrill Lynch.

At The Same Time, Life Insurance Company (LIC)Also Among The Biggest Investors In The Stock Market, Sold Shares In Media/Hotels And Consumer Good Firms Worth $ 115 Million (About Rs 638 crore).

It Purchased Shares Of State-Run NTPC; Software Firms - Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS); Energy Giants -(RIL) RELIANCE INDUSTRIES And Cairn India. LIC Offloaded Shares Of Auto Maker Tata Moters And Private Sector Lender HDFC Bank.

As Per BofA-Merrill Lynch Global Research Report, LIC's Major Investment During The Quarter Included NTPC ($531 million), Infosys ($356 million), RIL ($269 million), Cairn India ($221 million) and BAJAJ AUTO($199 million).

On The Other Hand, LIC Lowered Its Exposure To Companies Like Tata Motors (Selling Of Shares With An Estimated $ 58 Million), Syndicate Bank ($ 49 Million),Hindustan Unilever ($ 45 Million), Allahabad Bank ($ 32 Million) and HDFC Bank ($ 23 Million).

The Report Indicates That Overall LIC Has Emerged As Net Buyer During The April-June Quarter And Most Of The Investment Was In Private Sector Firms.

In Terms Of Sectors, LIC Investments In The Utilities Portfolio Stood At $ 523 Million, Followed By Software $ 490 Million, Energy ($ 487 Million), Auto ($ 241 Million), Industrial ($ 102 Million), Telecom ($ 77 Million), Pharma ($ 46 Million), Financials ($ 45 Million), Metals And Mining ($ 15 Million).

In Contrast, The Insurance Giant Offloaded Shares Valued At $ 93 Million In The Consumer Goods Firm, $ 13 Million In Media/Hotel Category And $ 9 Million In Cement Sector.

Financial Sector Accounted For 25 Per Cent Of LIC's Total Equity Portfolio In the Country Followed By Energy 15 Per-cent, Consumer Goods 12 Per-cent And Industrial Space 10 Per-cent. (EW DELHI)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Most Favourite Song "જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત" By Gujarat Sarkar | I Proud To Be A Gujarati

My Golden Gujarat | I Proud To Be A "Gujarati"

The Poem Sings Courage And Glory Of Gujarat Region. This Poem's Title Jai Jai Garavi Gujarat Has Been Used For Mentioning Glory Of Gujarat On Many Occasions.

Launched By Govt. Of Gujarat (Gandhinagar) On "Swarnim Gujarat Jayanti" Of Gujarat State

જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત ! જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત, દીપે અરુણું પરભાત, ધ્વજ પ્રકાશશે ઝળળળ કસુંબી, પ્રેમ શૌર્ય અંકિત; તું ભણવ ભણવ નિજ સંતજિ સઉને, પ્રેમ ભક્તિની રીત - ઊંચી તુજ સુંદર જાત, જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત.
ઉત્તરમાં અંબા માત, પૂરવમાં કાળી માત, છે દક્ષિણ દિશમાં કરંત રક્ષા, કુંતેશ્વર મહાદેવ; ને સોમનાથ ને દ્ધારકેશ એ, પશ્વિમ કેરા દેવ- છે સહાયમાં સાક્ષાત જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત.
નદી તાપી નર્મદા જોય, મહી ને બીજી પણ જોય. વળી જોય સુભટના જુદ્ધ રમણને, રત્નાકર સાગર; પર્વત પરથી વીર પૂર્વજો, દે આશિષ જયકર- સંપે સોયે સઉ જાત, જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત.
તે અણહિલવાડના રંગ, તે સિદ્ધ્રરાજ જયસિંગ. તે રંગ થકી પણ અધિક સરસ રંગ, થશે સત્વરે માત ! શુભ શકુન દીસે મધ્યાહ્ન શોભશે, વીતી ગઈ છે રાત. જન ઘૂમે નર્મદા સાથ, જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત.

Praises of Proud Gujarat. Praises of Proud Gujarat. glorious sun rise. (Gujarat's)flag will be shine as symbol of love and valor. Oh!! Flag of Gujarat teaches love and valor. you have great prestige and Reputation. Praises of Proud Gujarat.
In north direction Amba Mataji(situated). East direction Mahakali mataji(situated). In south direction Kunteshwer Mahadev shields Gujarat. At eastern direction lord Somnath and Sri Krishna always assist Gujarat. Praises of Proud Gujarat.
Gujarat has holy rivers of Narmada,Tapi and Mahi. Gujarat has great ocean with Enormous resources. Our gallant Ancestors give Benefaction of victory standing on hills. we unites Forever. Praises of Proud Gujarat.
we will bring the glory of Gujarat like Ancient Capital Anhilwad. we will bring the glory of Gujarat like King Siddharaj Jaysinh. The Dark night has gone and good omen will come. we are (the people of Gujarat) with you Poet and agree to bring bright future. Praises of Proud Gujarat.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

(Govt.Of India's Undertaking) LIC A Corporation Established Through An Act Of GOVT. OF INDIA

(Govt.Of India's Undertaking) LIC A Corporation Established Through An Act Of GOVT. OF INDIA

Most Of People Have One Question?


Is LIC A Government Organization?


Friday, 22 July 2011

Sushil Oza's Comment On Insurance News Of Life Insurance Corporation Of India

We Are Proud To Be An Indian With LIC OF INDIA  :  By Sushil Oza

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is taking the responsibility of coming to the aid of itsLIC of India logopolicyholders. LIC Managing Director T S Vijayan, has issued a special circular for claims settlement of victims of Mumbai Blast 2011.

LIC will pay double accident benefit and disability claims to those injured or dead in the recent terror attacks which took place in the capital city. The circular also says that no investigations will be done on early claims. Normally in death claims, LIC carries out an investigation to verify the death of the person. By easing the norms for blast victims, they plan to cut short the time taken for disbursement of claims. LIC has already settled one claim so far.

The country’s largest insurer, has geared up to ensure a speedy claims process and will accept any of the following documents:

- Post-mortem report, panchnama or police inquest report
- Ex-gratia payment on account of such death made by Central / State government of any municipal authority
- In case of policies where the sum assured is up to Rs 40,000, the widow's statement duly endorsed by any person specified to attest LIC's Death Claim Discharge Form along with a suitable indemnity will be accepted as a waiver of the standard proof of death.

LIC has a formed a specially designated cell to assist policyholders and  if any clarification about any insurance policy or claime detail contact with Mr.Sushil Oza at

Mr. Sushil Oza Says: Jeevan Saral Is A Maximum Selling Policy In His Career

Sushil Oza Says  Jeevan Saral Plan Is A Maximum Selling Plan

LIC’s Jeevan Saral is a unique plan having good features of the conventional plans and
the flexibility of unit linked plans. To the policyholder it provides —
· higher cover
· a smooth return,
· liquidity and
· a lot of flexibility

On death:
· 250 times the monthly premium, plus
· return of premiums excluding extra/rider premium and first year premium, plus
· the loyalty addition, if any.

On Maturity:
· Maturity sum assured, plus

· The Loyalty Additions, if any Special Features:

· High risk cover at low premium

· Extended risk cover for one year after 3 years premium payment.

· Optional higher cover through Term Riders

· The policyholder can choose a maximum term but can surrender
    at any time  without any surrender penalty or loss after 5 years

· Any number of withdrawals through partial surrendering


· Age at entry : Minimum 12 (completed) and maximum 60 years nearest

· Age at maturity: Maximum 70 years.

· Term : All terms from 10 to 35 years.

· Premium : 

        Minimum premium of Rs.250/- per month for entry age

       upto 49 years and Rs.400/- per month for entry age 50
       years and above. There will be no limit on the maximum
       premium per month.

· Mode : 

   Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly under Salary
   Saving Scheme
   In case of term rider, minimum and maximum age at entry will be 18 and 50 years
   respectively. Further minimum sum assured will be Rs.1 lakh.

The above statement is based on certain assumptions which are
liable to change according to Government/Corporation's policies.
Ahmedabad LIC Agent
Mr.Sushil Oza